Sleazy Steve’s Soggy Bottom Fly Shop produces the only tools in the world designed for the sole purpose of letting fly tyers build the best foam flies possible from economical blocks of high density foam rubber. These tools allow tyers to easily form everything, from tiny ants to huge saltwater poppers, into any shape they choose.

On the foam poppers, for everything from bluegills to tarpon, the hook goes through the middle of the popper, so that no slots have to be filled in, leaving an unflawed surface, which is easily shaped to permit the maximum hook gap, and maximum durability, combined with optimum appearance.

This method of creating permanently floating flies is IDEAL for the expert tyer, as well as beginners to the art.

Each cutter is guaranteed to fully satisfy the purchaser for life, or your purchase price will be fully refunded upon the return of the product.

Sleazy Steve passed away in March, but the products are still available.

Nancy Winters
S2606 Coon Bluff Road
Reedsburg, WI 53959 USA
Email: ncarolwinters@gmail.com

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